Angel Di Maria has a roundabout way of saying referees have it out for Real Madrid

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In the lastest of his sporadic appearances for Real Madrid, Kaka was booked twice and sent off just 18 minutes after coming on in the second half of Saturday's 0-0 draw against last-place Osasuna. He was first booked for an elbow and his second was for impeding Osasuna's attempt at a quick free kick in the 75th minute. This occurred three days after Sergio Ramos was sent off and given a five-match ban for insulting the referee in Real Madrid's Copa del Rey match against Celta Vigo. So now Angel Di Maria is trying to say that referees are out to get the club in an obtuse sort of way.


"You all know more than anyone that lately, with Real Madrid, referees are getting confused and are making bad decisions. There have been sending-offs, yellow cards and things that opponents could have got sent off for but didn’t and then they send one of us off for the slightest thing. These things happen but I think that sometimes they are mistakes that are not made by mistake".

Mistakes that are not made by mistake? So...mistakes done on purpose then? This sounds more than a bit like something Jose Mourinho would say. Of course, Mourinho would've presented a more fleshed out conspiracy theory involving Barcelona, UEFA and whoever makes those tiny olives that go in martinis, but Di Maria is still young and has more to learn.

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