The Anfield cat is up for adoption

The cat that became an instant celebrity after sauntering onto the pitch during Liverpool's match against Spurs last week has not been living the life of luxury you might expect of someone who guest starred on an internationally televised sporting event and quickly gained 56,000 followers on Twitter. After he was ejected from the stadium, the Anfield cat was dumped right back into the streets from which he came. Homeless, alone and uncared for. Until the locals decided to start looking for their most famous squatter.

From the Liverpool Echo:

And it was when his fans started looking for "Kenny" that Freshfield Animal Rescue received a call from an resident in Anfield, telling them where he could be found.

He was taken to a temporary home at the animal charity's centre at Freshfield, near Formby, where they are calling the cat "Shanks" after the legendary Anfield manager.

Cattery assistant Katherine Gibbs, 25, said he is "an absolute gentleman" and despite a few scratches to his face and legs from fighting other cats he is in good heath.

He's being given antibiotics to treat an abscess in his cheek and various other wounds, but once he's healed up, he'll be available for adoption.

How Liverpool have not already announced plans to adopt their only bit of good press in recent weeks is baffling, though. As a follow-up to making Luis Suarez apologize for not shaking Patrice Evra's hand, the club's owners should urge him take in the cat, then pose for a photoshoot while wearing matching hats.