Andy Carroll attempts to fly, crashes into David De Gea, upsets Alex Ferguson

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Still with a comfortable 13-point lead in the table, Man United left Upton Park with just a 2-2 draw against West Ham because they are desperate to feel the distant memory of domestic competition. That whimsical mood was shared by West Ham striker Andy Carroll.

Perhaps inspired by Fernando Torres' improved form while wearing a superhero mask, Carroll attempted to prove his worth by flying like a dragon crossed with a unicorn. Instead, he slammed into Man United goalkeeper David De Gea like a ponytailed meteor. Carroll was not booked for his dangerous expression of imagination and that upset Alex Ferguson.

From the Telegraph:

“We know how they play, it’s ball in the air most of the time,” Ferguson said. “They are very, very aggressive. You hope there’s a strong referee. I’m not so sure we got that. It was a red card. There is not a doubt about that. The referee did see it but didn’t see it as a red card. I think it’s obvious. We had to stand up to a lot there.”

But Carroll professed his innocence and explained that there was simply no way he could help the fact that De Gea got in the path of his attempt to fly through other human beings. From Sky Sports:

"I just went for the ball and obviously went through De Gea, but I just went for the ball and that's all it was," Carroll told Sky Sports 2

"I was running straight in trying to get the ball and couldn't stop at that moment, obviously the keeper has come and won it and I couldn't stop when I was flying through the air."

After the match, Carroll did show De Gea that there were no hard feelings over ruining his dream by giving the Spanish keeper a hug. And maybe requesting if he could ask Torres who his mask guy is.

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