What’s Andrei Arshavin doing this season? DT investigates

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In the 2010-11 season, Andrei Arshavin made 52 appearances for Arsenal. So far this season, he's made a total of 11 and hasn't started a single Premier League match. For a couple of years he conducted the greatest Q&A of all time with readers of his official website, but even that hasn't been updated since a birthday message for his son in December. So in the absence of playing and answering questions with emoticons, what has the Russian captain been up to all season? DT investigates.

March 12 -- Andrei laughs at a butterfly during training.

January 29 -- Andrei tells his teammates that he's carrying all of the trophies they've won since he arrived at Arsenal.

December 28 -- Andrei points at a ghost.

November 20 -- Andrei laughs at the fact that everyone is ignoring him.

November 6 -- Andrei responds to Andre Santos' question of "do you think I'll play here for a long time?"

October 26 -- Andrei declares himself the champion of wearing pants.

October 24 -- Andrei keeps farting and his teammates don't know it's him.

October 24 -- Andrei makes you promise not to tell anyone.

October 20 -- Andrei pretends he's a cosmonaut about to lift off.

October 19 -- Andrei goes the wrong way.

September 26 -- Andrei scores his only goal of the season (against Coventry in the League Cup).

September 21 -- Andrei...uh...

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