Andrei Arshavin didn’t even want to talk to his official website after losing to Greece

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A footballer's official website is usually a place where even the most embarrassing defeat can be given some semblance of a positive spin. But in the wonderfully odd corner of the Internet maintained by Andrei Arshavin, honesty always takes precedent.

Losing to Greece in its final group match and missing out on what previously seemed to be a certain trip to the quarterfinals, Russia's exit from Euro 2012 was particularly painful and in the immediate aftermath, Arshavin just wanted some time to contemplate what just happened. However, following every match, Andrei does a short interview with whoever runs his site and instead of delaying it a bit after the 1-0 loss to Greece or just skipping it entirely, the interview was still completed as per usual. Though it was a bit shorter than usual.

Before a question could even be asked, Arshavin simply said "So far I have nothing to say..." And that's what was posted, along with a picture of Sad Andrei.

The next day, the transcript of an actual interview Arshavin did with Sport Express was posted on the site, though it could have very easily ended with the first question.

- Andrey, you, as a captain, will have to answer the question one way or another: what was it?
- Football.

(And no, I don't know when Andrei will resume answering the bizarre questions of his site's readers, but I continue to hold nightly vigils.)

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