Andrei Arshavin conducts greatest Q&A ever, part XXVI

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Andrei Arshavin was recently sitting courtside at the ATP World Tour Finals in London and giggling with his wife while Cristiano Ronaldo kept his distance, but that hasn't stopped Andrei from answering more questions from the obsessive interrogators who visit his official website. Let's return to our analysis...

1. From AmorousAnny
We all know how you met my your wife, or rather we know what
Julia was doing at that moment (sunbathing on the beach and then she and her friend went to a restaurant) I want to know what you were doing and where exactly you met her? And what happened to Julia's friend?
Julia's friend was with her boyfriend, they continued their walk. Julia,
said goodbye to them and went to walk around the city with me and my
friends. What was I doing at that time and in that place? I was just walking down Nevsky prospect.

First of all, no, we don't all know how Andrei met his wife. Secondly, wow, Andrei is a smooth operator. Cristiano probably felt intimidated sitting that close to him.


2. From klyakza
What nickname would you use on the Internet, if you were an ordinary person?
: АА

3. From klyakza
How many e-mails do you get every day?
: Not less than a hundred.

And 97 of them are from klyakza.

4. From OlenkaArshikTheBest
Hi =) Have you ever broken your arm or leg? Or say collarbone? If so, were these injuries connected with football? Good luck =)
: Yes, I broke both arms when playing mini-football.

We get the story on the first time Andrei met his wife and walked around with her, but no explanation on how he broke both his arms playing mini-football? Next he'll just answer "yes" to two questions in a row.

7. From vika0irkutsk
Are you afraid of loneliness?
: Yes

8. FromCvetochek23
Does love exist?
: Yes

Case closed.

11. From julii
Hello Andrey! You're a wonderful player (((and I think a good person as well)))
Question: What do you think about the profession of a psychologist??
I hope for a genuine response.
: A Healer of the souls. I think it is a God-given talent rather than simply an education of a psychologist.

Someone really should ask Andrey what he thinks of mechanical engineers next. Overly inquiring want to know.

12. From katya0702
When was the last time you strolled the park lanes in autumn with a maple leaf in hand?:)))))))))

In St. Petersburg? Pensively walking in the autumn park, holding a bouquet of maple leaves, I guess, about a year ago.

That's where he decided on the answers to questions 7 and 8. Also, I demand video of Andrei not only walking in an autumn park while holding a bouquet of maple leaves, but doing so pensively. I imagine his pensive face is similar to the one pictured above.

13. From Dron
Hi, Andrey. A small question for you — what is your favorite animal?
: A bear

Not just any bear. A very specific bear. His name is Tom and he was walking with Andrei when he first met Julia.

14. From sergoz
Andrey, when reading the questions of your site visitors, you probably read many flattering words about yourself, love confessions, etc. Of course, people write from the bottom of their hearts, but how do you feel about this love? Does it bother you?

It pleases me. It gives me positive emotions. Football is our work. We try to do it professionally, but when you  are in a good mood, it gives additional energy.

Poor Emile Heskey :(((((((((((

16. From Maxa1692
I am writing to you for the third time I hope it's my lucky one and this time you'll answer me! What song do you sing most often in the shower?
I do not sing in the shower, in fact, I rarely take a shower. I prefer to soak in the tub and think quietly to myself.

Pensively. While holding a bouquet of maple leafs.

17. From Abkbggjdf
Hello, Andrey!
Let me ask — what do you think about the fact that you are a football player who has the largest number of girl fans in Russia?

Have you counted? If so, I'm fine with it ;)

As long as none of them drive.

Photo: Getty