Andrei Arshavin conducts greatest Q&A ever, part XXI

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The time has come, once again. The readers of Andrei Arshavin's official website continue to ask him questions and we continue to document it for purely scientific purposes. So put on your lab coat and let's get back in it.

3. deni9403
Hi Andrey! I have started studying English not long ago and
I would like to ask you what methods you use when learning English? Thanks in advance.
In school and at the institute our English program was a standard one,
developed by the Ministry of Education. In Zenit we had a teacher. His name was Mark. He had his own interesting methods of teaching language. But, well, when I came to London, I realized that I should communicate with people more, listen and memorize, read in English and watch local TV. Although, frankly, I'm not quite happy with my knowledge of English and want to study it more seriously. Not long ago we went to the premiere of Harry Potter and at some point I felt quite uncomfortable when the audience around broke out in laughter and you sit there turning your head from side to side. But, well, I've got something to strive for. It's never too late to learn.

First of all, I wish we had that moment on video. Second, I feel like this happens a lot to Andrei and not just because of language barriers. And third, I wish we had that moment on video.


6. 14Tanja
Hi Andrey! Answer please my question. Have you been to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate?
: No. But Julia and I were following this event on TV. It was a remarkable
date and not only for the royal family.

So, Harry Potter goes over his head, but he enjoyed the royal wedding? I actually would've guessed the other way around.

8. Set1000
How many questions do you get per day?
: About a hundred.

Pretty sure they're all from the same eight people, too.

9. maxim007maxim
Hello Andrey, please reply to this message I sent it to you 5 times
and you never responded. I wanna ask whether the English have strict rules regarding environmental issues. Thanks in advance!
There are very strict laws here. The Green protest very often, sometimes they block the streets.

Hahaha why would anyone ask Andrei Arshavin about English environmental rules once, let alone five times? Do these people think he's Google?

10. Ola200
Hi, my friend and I wanted to ask you a question))) I hope you will
answer)) Who do you prefer — the English or the Russian fans? I'm very very curious)))))
: I like my own fans the best ))))


13. fifa1q2w3e
Hi Andrey, I know the players who take snuff after training or games. Do you have any bad habits?
: I've never done drugs in my entire life and I don't recommend you to do them.

Just in case you had doubts as to why he was so confused in that Harry Potter movie, this should rule out one possible explanation.

14. Nastradamus
Andrey! I've read that you respect honesty so I'll ask you directly:
Why don't you fight on every patch of the pitch? Don't take it as insult.
: I do not agree with you. You can't say that I avoid confrontations or take my legs away when fighting. If I do not fight, then it means that at this point my strength left me.

Oh snap! "No disrespect, but you're lazy. Don't take it as an insult. Sincerely yours, Nastradamus xx"

15. Kanat76
Hi Andrey. I am a longtime fan of Arsenal. It is a pity that
we could not win some games. For example, Tottenhem turned out to be a tough nut to crack.
What does Arsene Wenger usually say after such games?
: Usually there is silence in the locker room. What' the point to say anything? Everything has been lost, it can't be undone. The guys feel devastated at such moments.

Also, it's hard for Wenger to talk when he's curled up in the fetal position inside his puffy coat with the shower running over him.

16. Danykuzya
Andrey, why there is such a bad situation with goalies in the club?
: In my opinion, everything got stable.

Arsenal fans taking it to Andrei in this edition. Wow. Pretty sure Wenger wrote that last answer, though.

20. Moonray
Andrey, my brother wants to know about the lobsters' behavior during the mating season. Thank you. N.
: I've never thought about it before :)) I see them only either stewed or roasted :)

HAHAHA again, Andrei Arshavin is not Google. But what kind of thought process is that? My brother wants to know about the mating habits of lobsters, so I will submit that question to Andrei Arshavin's official website. Check that, I'll just tell him that my brother wants to know this and not actually ask a question at all.

These people are truly special.

21. Moonray
Andrey, you have not used your trademark gesture when scoring for a long time. Even when you scored against Barcelona, you didn't put your finger to your lips but Walcott when playing against Tottenham did. Did you give him this gesture? N.
No, I didn't give it. It's all legitimate, Theo has got a franchise:


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