Andrei Arshavin answers Twitter questions, admits fear of horses on television

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been far too long since Andrei Arshavin graced us with a Q&A with the crazies on his official website. Luckily, we do have this video from a couple months ago that somehow eluded us until now in which Andrei answers questions from Twitter in typical Andrei fashion.

First, Arshavin says that the worst thing he did as a kid was, "I said to my mommy that I did not love her." This was quite funny to Andrei and the others in the room. Next, he's asked how he feels when standing next to Per Mertesacker. "No problem because anyway everyone is taller than me," he says. "Maybe except Cazorla now. Again, he smirks.

Later, he is asked if he owns a horse -- the most pressing question for any footballer. To this he admits that he is "scared of any horses, even when they are on tele." Andre then reveals that he doesn't care much for superheroes because why are they so great? But for the sake of being polite and giving an answer, he says Superman just for the hell of it.

Anyway, we need a sequel to this.

Thanks to Viren for the tip!

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