Andrea Pirlo casually scores brilliant free kick, Paul Pogba adds tremendous volley

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba finished off Juventus' 3-0 win over Napoli and they did it with two different yet beautiful goals. In the 74th minute, Pirlo demonstrated the level of cool that having the benchmark by which all beards are measured brings when he casually scored with a near perfect free kick. The run-up was effortless and the placement of his shot was almost frightening. Pogba still managed to do one better, though.

Six minutes later, Pogba flicked a pass from Arturo Vidal up into the air and then hammered in a volley that might replace the Liverpool beach ball in Pepe Reina's nightmares.

Gigi Buffon was impressed...

After the match, Pogba did admit that his goal was a reaction to his own initial mistake, though. From Football Italia:

“I am very happy to have scored against Napoli again, as it reminded me of my first goal in Serie A,” Pogba told Sky Sport Italia.

“I actually got the first touch wrong, but it went well afterwards! It could’ve ended up in the stands, but all the players told me to shoot because I’m good from distance, so I try to give it a go.

“If the ball lands in among the fans, then that’s fine, but I will keep trying and see where it ends up. It was measured at 101km/h? I’m surprised!”

Juve now sit second in the Serie A table, three points ahead of Napoli.

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