Andre ‘The S*** One’ Villas-Boas humble in first Chelsea interview

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Chelsea announced that the incredibly expensive (€15 million Porto buyout clause) and incredibly young (33 -- the same age as Frank Lampard) Andre Villas-Boas is officially their new manager on Wednesday. When Jose Mourinho took over as Chelsea boss (and brought Villas-Boas along as his assistant), he promptly declared himself "The Special One." Villas-Boas has already tried to stamp out the inevitable comparisons by declaring himself "The S*** One" (see video below), but in his first Chelsea interview, he starts by saying, "don't expect something from one man." At which point, Mourinho probably started giggling somewhere.


Though he may not have the ego of Jose Mourinho, he does have the confidence. Which he displayed when he was 17 and hounding Bobby Robson at home about football. From the Independent:

"When Mr Bobby Robson came to Porto to be a coach in 1994, he moved into my building. I was a small boy, but because I was so interested in football I went to his flat to try to meet him.

"He liked my passion so helped me to enrol at Lilleshall to take my FA coaching qualifications. I started very young in Lilleshall. In fact, I shouldn't really have been there, because the law doesn't allow a minor to take qualifications. But Bobby [Robson] smoothed the way with Mr Charles Hughes [the former head of coaching at the Centre of Excellence] and I was allowed in to take my Uefa C badges.

"I was the youngest coach there by a mile, but I was so determined to make it that it didn't bother me."

And so, the countdown on Roman Abramovich's "win the Champions League or GTFO" clock begins. Good luck, Andre.