Amateur Sunday league team Duckpond FC hire open top bus to celebrate league win

Dirty Tackle

When a team wins a league or cup competition, it is customary for them to parade their wares on an open top bus. It gives fans a chance to catch a glimpse of their heros away from the field of play, and if they are lucky, they might see teammates fight or Sergio Ramos drop the silverware under the wheels.

Brilliantly named amatuer side Duckpond FC are a group of friends from Harwich, Essex, who started competing in the very lowly Colchester Sunday League in 2011. They won division three of the league last season and recently clinched the division two title, after winning 12 of their 16 matches.

The team includes a butcher, a welder, a barman, a railway worker and absolutely no one for whom the people of Essex would line the streets to cheer, but that didn't stop them hiring a bus to celebrate their success. The BBC reports:

Duckpond FC, who won the Colchester and District Sunday League Division Two by two points, toured Harwich.

The club, formed in 2011 and named after Cox's Pond in the town, spent £300 [$460] on hiring a red London bus for the day on Saturday.

Captain Kris Muir, 25, said: "We wanted to have a proper celebration."

According to one team member, the parade was actually surprisingly popular after word spread on Facebook, with many folks in Harwich waiting outside their houses for the victory bus to roll past. Which is more than can be said for Conference Champions Mansfield Town on their recent excursion...


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