There’s a site already selling a Man United ‘Champ20ns’ shirt

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

There's still eight Premier League rounds left to be played and Manchester United only have a slippery three-point lead on Man City in the table, but that hasn't stopped one Man United T-shirt site from already counting their 20th title and mocking City all in one premature shirt.

Already on sale at, the shirt is being billed as an exercise of faith, not only announcing the club's 20th league title, but with the added barb of "Money only gets you so far..." directed at City (like Man United players are being paid in candy).

The shirt is surely an attempt to grab attention for the small business and, as you can see, it's working. Of course, if City win the title, the site will likely be attacked by fans of both clubs -- perhaps even more so by the most superstitious Man United supporters -- but I guess that's still better than being unknown.

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