Algeria fan rides the lights, Slovenia dance like wood nymphs

Brooks Peck

Sunday's match between Algeria and Slovenia was pretty much the football equivalent to half a bottle of Ambien, but there were a few moments worth fighting the heavy pull of a Ruud Gullit-laced dreamland in order to take a closer look at.

For one, there's our Algerian friend up there on top of the lights (which are turned on even though, you know, it's day time). All he wanted to do was fly his flag and risk severe injury as his team gave Slovenia a 1-0 win courtesy of second half sub Abdelkader Ghezzal getting sent off after two quick yellow cards and goalkeeper Faouzi Chaouchi's attempt to console Robert Green by allowing a gift goal himself. So how did this work out for the light rider?

He attracted a cluster of riot police who seemed baffled by how to get him down. In fact, there's a good chance he's still up there, with the police patiently waiting for the desire to see the next Twilight movie to overwhelm him.

Zidane, meanwhile, wasn't in a climbing mood when Chaouchi let in that goal. He's been helping out the Algerian team (both his parents are Algerian) and before the match said that beating Slovenia would be key to their chances of advancing in the tournament. But that didn't work out so hot.

And while Zidane cradled his Materazzi destroying forehead and the Algerian fan claimed ownership of the stadium lights, the Slovenians danced the dance of the happy-handed Charlie Browns. Hooray for them.

Photos: Getty, Reuters