Alex Morgan scores, boy in stands imitates Brandi Chastain

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Alex Morgan came off the bench for the U.S. to finally break the deadlock in the Women's World Cup final in the 70th minute after so many near misses for her side. In the euphoria of her excellent finish, a young boy in the crowd lifted up his shirt like Brandi Chastain did after winning the 1999 World Cup (11 seconds into the video). The only difference being that his version was hilarious. And he was not wearing a sports bra.


Japan went on to score an equalizer in the 80th minute because of a terrible bit of defending from the U.S., sending the match to extra time. Abby Wambach's trademark header in the 104th minute gave the kid a chance to do it again before Japan eventually equalized for a second time and won the ensuing penalty shootout. At which point he probably kept his shirt on.

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