Alex Ferguson thinks foreign players dive more, does not want to talk about golf

Over the last few days, it's become more apparent than ever that Sir Alex Ferguson is your grandpa. First, he called Gareth Bale "Christian Bale" during a pre-match interview on Saturday. Then, after losing to Spurs at Old Trafford for the first time in 23 years, the man so famous for benefitting from generous amounts of injury time that it is universally referred to as "Fergie Time" complained about not getting enough to win the game. And now, he's accusing foreigners of diving more, railing against off-topic questions and warning those pesky neighbor kids to pull up their trousers and stay off his lawn (well, the first two at least).

When asked during his Champions League press conference about Sergio Aguero's claim that English players are treated more favorably by Premier League referees, Ferguson forgot about all the English players (including those on his own team) who dive just as much as their foreign counterparts. From the Guardian:

Ferguson, who is preparing his side for Tuesday evening's Champions League group game at Cluj, the Romanian title holders, said: "It's not worth going into that subject because down the years there have been plenty of players diving, and you have to say particularly foreign players."

Well, you don't have to say that. But you did. Of course, this statement excludes Nani though.

"Nani is not the type to dive, I know that."

So if that's how the football questions get answered at his press conference, maybe a change of subjects and a quick word on Europe's amazing come from behind win at the Ryder Cup would be nice. From the Telegraph:

"Listen, listen. This is a press conference about a bloody football match," Ferguson said when pressed for a comment on the golf by a Sky Sports News reporter.

"You've got to go way over the top with your programme. I'm not answering that. We're here to talk about football. Christ."

And if that's how he reacted to a single question about the golf, he probably would've killed a man with his bare hands if he was subjected to the "bizarre" line of questioning Celtic manager Neil Lennon was subjected to at his press conference, including questions about whether he would help Rangers, whether Sean Connery would help Celtic and if Aiden McGeady will be getting a statue at Celtic Park.

Video of Ferguson's reaction to the golf question right this way...

Video via 101gg