Alessandro Del Piero embarrasses Newcastle Jets defenders with nutmeg and goal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Alessandro Del Piero is 38 years old now, but he opened the new A-League season with yet another goal that made much younger defenders look silly. He scored 14 goals in 24 appearances during his first season in Australia and showed no signs of slowing down in Sydney's 2-0 against Newcastle Jets.

In the 37th minute, Del Piero appeared to lose the ball to defender Connor Chapman in the box, but Chapman fell down and Del Piero recovered, nutmegging midfielder Zenon Caravella after a spin move and slotting the ball into the far side of the net for the A-League's first goal of the season. So if you were wondering how the Juventus legend was getting on in Australia, clearly he's doing just fine.

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