Alan Pardew sent off for attempting to headbutt Hull player

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In the most ill-advised bit of managerial aggression since Jose Mourinho poked Tito Vilanova in the eyeball, Newcastle boss Alan Pardew decided to try and headbutt Hull player David Meyler. The incident occurred in the 72nd minute with Newcastle up 3-1. Meyler pushed Pardew out of the way so he could retrieve the ball for a throw-in and Pardew responded with the attempted headbutt.

Pardew only made glancing contact with Meyler (if any at all), but it was still more than enough to get himself sent to the stands — where he will likely remain for a long time once the disciplinary committee is done with him. Meyler was also shown a yellow card for instigating the unseemly exchange.

Sky Sports' Jeff Stelling perfectly expressed the reaction just about everyone who saw the incident had. Have a look...

Newcastle went on to win 4-1. After the match, Pardew said, "I tried to push him away with my head and I shouldn't have done that. My team were terrific and it's only myself who had a poor performance." No, you really shouldn't ever try to push people away with your head, Alan. That rarely helps things.

This is not the first time Pardew has gotten physical during a match, though. Last season he earned a two-match ban for shoving a linesman, which will likely be taken into account when determining how hard to throw the book at him this time.

UPDATE: Here's Pardew's post-match interview, in which he apologizes and says he will be sitting down from now on to try and avoid any further incidents like this (if anything, that will just make it easier for him to kick people)...

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