After winning the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich now incapable of winning in the Bundesliga

Borussia Dortmund's 3-0 win was their biggest at Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga over the last 23 years. It was a bit of revenge for last season's Champions League final and Bayern luring away one of Dortmund's best players during each of the last two seasons, but it was ultimately a hollow victory since Bayern have already clinched the Bundesliga title in record time and still have 25 more points than second-place Dortmund.

Though the result itself was completely meaningless for Bayern, it might cause a twinge of concern. Since sealing the Bundesliga title on March 25, Bayern have gone winless in their last three matches. This has brought an end to their record 53-match unbeaten streak and with two losses in their last two matches, they have now doubled last season's loss total in a span of seven days. Again, the title is already theirs, so they could lose all of their remaining matches and it wouldn't matter, but with a Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid coming up and the DFB Pokal still to play for, it's not the kind of form Pep Guardiola wants to see.

After dominating Germany for the last two seasons and rising to the top of Europe, could these results be a sign that Bayern are losing focus? Did former manager Jupp Heynckes (who was in attendance for the Dortmund game) do a better job of keeping them sharp from the start of the season to the end than Guardiola is doing now? Perhaps Bayern will be able to snap back into shape in one of the competitions where they still have everything to play for. They better, because by the look of the picture above, Bernie the bear can't take much more of this losing business

Anyway, It's amazing how quick the question can go from "Will they ever lose?" to "When will they stop losing?" Even Jurgen Klopp can't believe it...

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Brooks Peck

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