Adriano reportedly oversleeping Roma sessions already

Brooks Peck

After a couple of mostly successful seasons back in the Brazilian league with Flamengo, Adriano has returned to Italy to try and win a Scudetto with Roma. When he first left Italy with a rescinded contract from Inter Milan, Adriano seemed far more trouble than he was worth. Overweight, repeatedly disappearing without a trace, and even showing up to training drunk, it seemed his time in Italy had permanently fizzled in a cloud of frustration and disappointment.

But now he's back! And despite Roma's hope that things would be different, it appears he's picked up right where he left off. Says Football Italia:

He was due to fly to Rome on Sunday, but missed his flight apparently after a dispute with his former partner about whether their son should move to Italy.

Adriano eventually arrived yesterday, albeit a little tired after his trip from Brazil.

He was due to start training this morning with Roma's fitness coach, but the session didn't take place.

Roma have suggested that Adriano's plans had changed on account of his trip, which left him suffering from jet lag, but the Italian media are already in an unforgiving mood.

In other words, they're saying he overslept. Not the right start when even he admits that he is once again coming in overweight and Roma have expressed the need to work him hard to get him back in shape.

This is surely just the beginning of what will be a season-long soap opera, though. Assuming he doesn't vanish before then.

Photo: Reuters

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