Adidas created a Stamford Bridge display of Frank Lampard’s 203 Chelsea goals

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Perhaps to show why Chelsea signed him to a one-year contract extension, adidas set up an intricate "3D infographic" representing each of his club-record 203 goals on the pitch at Stamford Bridge. Lampard's goals were plotted on a virtual 3D axis, which allowed its creators to be "pinpoint placed and showcase exactly where each goal was scored from."

The result is this...

Chelsea play Everton at home on Sunday to finish the season. Hopefully they leave this display up for it.

In other Frank Lampard goal tributes, legendary Chelsea wizard and current Watford manager Gianfraco Zola recently attempted to recreate Lampard's famous 2006 end-line goal against Barcelona in the Champions League. He didn't have much success.

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