AC Milan’s Maxi Lopez allegedly caught naked on webcam

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Maxi Lopez: alleged masturbator
Maxi Lopez: alleged masturbator

The life of a professional footballer can't be easy: They have to deal with pressure on the pitch, constant media scrutiny, and the fear that their webcam masturbation videos could be made public at any moment.

Milan striker Maxi Lopez appears to be the latest footballer to pull a Ronaldinho, as the interwebs are awash with pictures that seem to depict the Argentinean putting on a clothes-less webcam show. The leak is said to have angered his model wife Wanda Nara, who gave birth to their third child two weeks ago. Presumably, she'll calm down when she remembers she has her own infamous leaked sex tape.

According to, Nara's lawyers insist the pictures are fake:

"They are old and absolutely fake", said lawyer Ana Rosenfeld. "He has had short hair for more than a year. It's just an old picture of his face put on a body that isn't his."

An investigation has been launched into the leak, and if you're so inclined, you can do your own investigation with slightly more NSFW images on Sport's site.

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