A natural progression of Qatar's 2022 World Cup backpedaling

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup, a lot of fairytale promises were made to try and convince people that the smallest country ever granted hosting duties could actually pull it off. Now coming up on four years after the first announcement and still eight years away from kickoff, those promises are steadily and predictably falling apart. The following is the natural progression of that trend.

Did we say we could build our infrastructure without employing slave labor resulting in the deaths of thousands of migrant workers? Turns out 1,200 workers have reportedly died already and that number could rise to 4,000 by the time the projects are finished.

Did we say we didn't bribe anyone to win hosting duties? Turns out a FIFA executive committee member had more than $3 million magically appear in his 10-year-old daughter's bank account after he voted for us.

Did we say we'd have futuristic cooling systems for the stadiums and training facilities? Turns out that stuff isn't actually possible.

Did we say we could have the tournament in the summer despite dangerous temperatures? Well, you're probably going to have to reschedule everything so we can have it in the winter.

Did we say we would have 12 stadiums? Well, we're actually just going to have eight — the bare minimum as required by FIFA.

Did we say eight stadiums? We meant to say one. And don't worry about FIFA, as with everything else, they'll just go with this.

Did we say one stadium? We meant all the games will be played on our floating tennis court.

Did we say football would be played at this tournament? Well, we've decided to have everyone play cricket instead.

Did we say cricket? We're probably just going to play "hide and seek."

Did we say "hide and seek"? We just meant "hide."

Did we say we could have it in the winter? Maybe we can squeeze it into a 45-minute window after midnight on November 17, 2039.

Did we say to "expect amazing"? You better "accept disappointing."

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