A look inside Ryan Giggs' first training session as manager of Man United

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle
"And then I said, 'We'll miss you!'" (Getty)


"And then I said, 'We'll miss you!'" (Getty)

David Moyes has been given his sizable payoff and shown out the door by Manchester United, leaving caretaker player-manager Ryan Giggs to air out the stench of disappointment wafting from the club. To help him do that, he's enlisted the help of his old Class of '92 buddies — Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Phil Neville — to fill out his staff. With a beloved group of leaders now in place, here's what Giggs' first training session in charge looked like...

Giggs: Let's just stand here and smile for a while. That's all we're going to do in training today. Just 90 minutes of smiling. Maybe an occasional dance break mixed in.

Neville: It was really awkward. David was like, 'Are you coming with me, Phil?' And I just slowly backed out of the room, closed the door and ran away. He keeps calling me, but I've been answering with a Spanish accent to throw him off.

Fellani: They're going to make me ride in the luggage compartment of the bus now, aren't they?

 Giggs: Hold on guys, I just have to text anyone but my brother, who doesn't talk to me anymore since I had an affair with his wife.

Scholes: Maybe if I break everyone's ankles they'll start playing better. What do you think, Giggsy? Can I? Giggsy, can I? Can I, Giggsy? Giggsy? Giggsy? Giggsy...can I?

Giggs: Is that...David, you can't be here anymore! ... No David, not even if you promise to play Kagawa more. You've got to home! ... Just go home. ... You can take Fellaini with you, but just go home!"

Rooney: You're jealous of my hair, aren't you Nicky? Yeah, you are.


Giggs: Nicky, when we're done here I want you to go buy a book on football management. Because I honestly have no idea what we're supposed to be doing right now.

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