40 words and phrases deemed ‘unacceptable’ by Liverpool

Brooks Peck
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A list of 40 "unacceptable" words and phrases under the categories of race/religion, sexual orientation, gender and disability compiled by Liverpool and given to staff members has been leaked and confirmed to be real by the club's social inclusion officer, Rishi Jain. The document, which was not given to the players, outlines "examples of a few words worth listening out for which are usually offensive and the club considers to be unacceptable."

From the Guardian:

Liverpool's list of what is "usually offensive and the club considers unacceptable" has been given to all full-time and casual members of staff who have contact with the public on matchdays or on a daily basis. The club were widely criticised for their support of Luis Suárez when the striker was found guilty in December 2011 of having used racially abusive language towards Patrice Evra but view their education programme as one of several proactive measures taken to combat discrimination. The guide has not been issued to Liverpool players, however, as they, along with players at all Premier League and Football League clubs, receive separate guidance from the Football Association.

Here's the photo of the document (warning: contains offensive language...obviously):

You'll notice that the word that prompted Suarez's eight match ban after being found guilty of racial abuse against Evra ("negro") is not on the list. But manager Brendan Rodgers would've run afoul of this guideline when he told the Anfield Wrap podcast, "I've spoken to the players and told them if you get little niggles or little injuries you've got to man up" last season.

Anyway, it's probably best that Joey Barton doesn't work for Liverpool. This list is about 98 percent of his Twitter vocabulary.

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