1860 Munich, Bayern executives debate the sexiness of their clubs

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich share the Allianz Arena, but with Bayern leading the Bundesliga and 1860 in the second division, the two clubs don't cross paths much these days. That hasn't stopped executives from both sides debating the sexiness of their respective clubs, though.

From UEFA.com:

FC Bayern München may be European title holders but apparently they lag behind 2. Bundesliga neighbours 1860 München in terms of sex appeal. That is according to 1860's new managing director Markus Rejek who told reporters his club were sexier than Bayern (literally 'has more sex'). Bayern chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge responded: "More girls and women come to watch Bayern. That should prove we are the sexier club."

However, Rejek was not finished, declaring 1860 – Bundesliga founder members but exiled since 2004 – "one of Germany's most traditional clubs, with a family identity and passionate supporters who do not measure their love for the team with trophies".

I guess we should just be happy that Rejek didn't resort to saying anything about Franck Ribery. The whole debate really is pointless, though. Because when you're at Oktoberfest and you're downing giant glasses of beer, everyone is pretty sexy.

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