Gerrard looks back on international debut, toothpaste hazing

Carter Daly

Steven Gerrard will be celebrating his 30th birthday while he and the England team play Japan on Sunday and Monday will mark 10 years since Steven Gerrard earned his first England cap at Wembley against the Ukraine. While they say a player never forgets his debut for his country, it's safe to say that Gerrard will never forget what happened to his hotel room. Gerrard told the Daily Express:

"It was my 20th birthday the day before the game and the chef had made a cake. Then we went to training. With England, you leave the door to your room open. We have the hotel to ourselves, so no problem. I just wandered out of my room and didn’t think twice about locking the door. When I came back from training, I almost died. My room had been trashed good and proper. Toothpaste was everywhere – over the mirror, my bed, the table. ‘Happy birthday – you soft a***’ was smeared in toothpaste on the wall."

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Happy birthday and welcome to the squad, Stevie.

"My bag had gone too. I ran into the bathroom and found it lying empty on the floor. The entire contents – clothes, kit, everything – had been tipped into the bath and the taps turned on."

"I went into lunch and looked around to see if I could work out the offender. Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t have known."

"If I were a betting man, I would have put good money on Robbie Fowler as the mastermind and Steve McManaman as chief accomplice. One day, Fowler’s conscience will get to him and he will confess."

Yeah, Steven is quite the sharp tack. You've got to put the good money on the guy that once pretended to snort cocaine off the endline for a goal celebration as the one who trashed your room. That's just pure logic. I wonder if Gerrard returned the favor this weekend by throwing Leighton Baines' favorite cuddly teddy bear from home out of the team bus' window.

Says Fowler on the matter:

"I have been asked numerous times whether I trashed his room. Let’s just say I can neither confirm nor deny it. I can remember him being done up like a right kipper though."

So there you have it, a mystery that will probably never ever be solved.

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