Louis van Gaal told his team to 'play a little with your women'

Brooks Peck

"Looks like we've got an audience..."

Bayern Munich manager Louis van Gaal has developed a reputation for being a hothead with a short temper, but as he said after sealing the Bundesliga title last season, he is also a "party beast." And with that in mind, German tabloid Bild shares van Gaal's advice to his team before they left for their preseason training camp in Riva del Garda, Italy:

Apparently van Gaal said in a meeting: "Rest yourselves now. Do not go shopping. No parties. Just rest. And if you get bored, play a little with your women.”

Reclining, loving and winning – these are the secrets of van Gaal’s success.

His team loves him for such advice. Everyone laughed.

But van Gaal's lady-lovin' advice and the fact that winning is one of the "secrets" to his success aren't the only things Bild would like to tell you about the gaffer.

At the start of the year he told ‘Audi-Talk’ of his love life with wife Truus: "It is also very important that we still regularly make love with one another. We have a lot of fun together. Truus is very loving, she knows me very well. And I always want to be spoiled. She does this very well.”

And with that, I bid you pleasant dreams tonight.

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