Woman’s unlikely find amid tornado destruction

Claudine Zap
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Woman’s unlikely find amid tornado destruction
Woman’s unlikely find amid tornado destruction

Phyllis Rawlins’ house was destroyed after a tornado ripped through her town of Kokomo, Ind., on Sunday. Last summer, she lost her husband of over 40 years, Edgar.

In the tornado’s rubble, Rawlins searched for Edgar’s wedding ring.
“Digging and praying. Digging and praying,” she told local station Fox 59.
“It was everything to me, because that’s one thing that I had,” she said.
Rawlins had been visiting family in Kentucky when the storm came through. She returned to find her home in pieces. “This was the house that love built," she told WTHR.
Without her husband or her house, she was determined to find the ring. But locating it among the piles of rubble seemed like a hopeless quest.
Somehow, her brother spotted something under a piece of the roof and called her over.  The ring, buried in the debris, had turned up. “It was a miracle,” Rawlins said.
“We both just hugged each other, crying. Because that was the one thing that I had searched and searched for,” she said.
When all was lost, one special memento had finally been found.
“I’m very strong with my faith, and I know that God is in control of everything, the good and the bad,” Rawlins said.

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