Wife of Jim Harbaugh does Dockers ad warning of ‘Dad Pants’ syndrome

Wife of Jim Harbaugh does Dockers ad warning of ‘Dad Pants’ syndrome

In a funny new ad from Dockers, Sarah Harbaugh — who has spoken out against her husband Jim's sartorial choices in past — issues a PSA-style message that she says affects countless men in our country.

"I'm talking, of course, about 'Dad Pants,'" Sarah Harbaugh says with a straight face.

Jim Harbaugh's $8 pleated Walmart khakis and daily-reprise outfit of hat and black 49ers sweatshirt have gotten plenty of attention. So it's only natural that Dockers and their flat-front line of pants would step up and make a campaign out of this. Sarah says she has lived the tragedy firsthand and has aimed to put a stop to it.

"I was there. My handsome, successful football coach of a husband suddenly looked like he had hung the curtains from his belt," she said.

This is funny stuff. And at the end, Jim does look quite sharp in his new pants. Will his new look stick? We'll have to see. But seeing as how he's a creature of habit with his clothes, it would not be a bad thing for Dockers if one of their spokesmen was walking the sidelines every Sunday in their sharp line of britches.

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