Vikings suspend assistant three games for homophobic comment to Chris Kluwe

Vikings suspend assistant three games for homophobic comment to Chris Kluwe
Vikings suspend assistant three games for homophobic comment to Chris Kluwe

After former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wrote an article for Deadspin in January, claiming special teams coach Mike Priefer made homophobic remarks to him, that the Vikings discouraged him from supporting marriage equality and his support of equal rights was the reason he was cut, the Vikings launched an investigation. 

The Vikings released a report on the investigation, and Kluwe wasn't pleased with it.

Priefer was suspended three games for making a homophobic remark to Kluwe after becoming frustrated that he and long snapper Cullen Loeffler weren't focused during practice. The report, done by a "nationally-prominent law firm in employment matters and one of the top-ranked and recognized firms for diversity" according to the Vikings, did not find evidence that the Vikings discouraged Kluwe from speaking out on marriage equality or equal rights. The report also didn't find evidence that he was cut for anything other than poor performance.

The Vikings said all employees will participate in "annual anti-harassment, diversity and sexual-orientation sensitivity training," and the team will donate $100,000 to LGBT rights charitable and educational organizations.

Also in the report, released by the Vikings, Kluwe was blamed for some of his own actions. Here is that passage from the report:

"Kluwe’s locker room behavior stood out to some interviewees and included stories about  Kluwe dropping his pants in front of 20-25 business people as they were being escorted through the locker room on a tour. Interviewees also recalled Kluwe making fun of the coaches’ speeches on the white board in the locker room and leaving it there even when the press came in. Kluwe also made fun of the Vikings’ then Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Kanavy, an alumnus of ‒ and former coach at ‒ Penn State University, concerning the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State situation. In his interview, Kanavy explained that Kluwe cut the seat out of his pants and then put them on to imitate a victim of the Penn State child-abuse scandal. According to Kanavy, Kluwe said that he was a “Penn State victim” and to “stay away” from him while his buttocks were exposed."

And, apparently that was what set Kluwe off on a long Twitter rant, which included a couple accusations against some unnamed Vikings and a reference to a lawsuit that he had previously threatened after a settlement couldn't be reached. Kluwe also said "more than half the team" made Sandusky jokes. Here are a few of his tweets (they can all be found here):

It seems like Kluwe would enjoy a trial. It doesn't seem like the investigation and the report, and the punishment of Priefer has done anything to pacify him.


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