Tim Tebow plays a little better, now will wait to see if he made Patriots’ final roster

Tim Tebow plays a little better, now will wait to see if he made Patriots’ final roster
Tim Tebow plays a little better, now will wait to see if he made Patriots’ final roster

The Patriots got the ball back with 10 seconds left against the Giants, and could have easily killed the clock to finish out a win.

But they apparently wanted to see Tim Tebow throw one more pass. Tebow delivered one of his best plays of the preseason.

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Tebow threw a 9-yard touchdown pass with six seconds left to Quentin Sims on a fade route. It was a pretty nice pass and catch. The fourth preseason game is mostly meaningless, but maybe that moment wasn't so meaningless for Tebow.

Tebow will be like many veterans this weekend, waiting for the phone to ring, seeing if he made a roster.

Tebow didn't play great against the Giants, but he didn't hurt his chances either. He played the whole second half and completed 6-of-11 passes for 91 yards and two touchdowns. Although the final touchdown was unnecessary, his 52-yard touchdown pass earlier in the fourth quarter put the Patriots ahead 21-20.

Although Tebow's preseason finale was better than his first two performances (he didn't play in the third game), it wasn't perfect. Tebow missed some obvious reads and held the ball too long at times. He took four sacks on his first nine plays, and some could have been avoided by simply finding his primary read and getting rid of the ball. He also ran hard, which he always does. He even had one of his magical Tebow plays, where he made a throw that was a little too high, but somehow ended up being a go-ahead 52-yard touchdown to Quentin Sims.

Tebow's 52-yard touchdown included 38 yards after catch by Sims, but it still goes down as a go-ahead touchdown. Tebow needed some highlight at that point. He hadn't done very much this preseason, to that point.

Then with eight minutes left and the Patriots protecting a 21-20 lead, Tebow gave one away. He threw a deep ball down the sideline to a well-covered receiver. The throw hung up in the air and was an easy interception for Giants cornerback Trumaine McBride. There isn't much more to say about it than it was a really bad throw.

Tebow got an unexpected chance to redeem himself in the final seconds, and completed one last touchdown pass before the Patriots make their roster decisions. Who knows how much that helps his chances, but the Patriots didn't run an unnecessary pass play for Tebow at the end for no good reason.

Even though Patriots owner Robert Kraft said this week he is rooting for Tebow to make the team, the former Heisman winner is not guaranteed a roster spot. He had a hard time catching on this summer when he was out of work, so he has to hope that he showed the Patriots enough on Thursday to keep him around this season. Like everyone else on the bubble, he'll find out this weekend.

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