The Simpsons predicted this year's Super Bowl way back in 2005

We all know that wherever America's going, the Simpsons got there years before. The latest evidence: as @TheSimpsons' Twitter feed noted, everyone's favorite Springfieldians predicted this year's Super Bowl matchup way back in 2005. Even came close to picking the spread, too.

In that episode, "Bonfire of the Manatees," Homer bets big on football and loses, leading to the Mob setting up shop for an adult film in his house. There's a lesson in there, everyone: don't bet on this year's Super Bowl.

For what it's worth, this wasn't a completely off-the-wall matchup; the episode aired in October 2005, and in the following Super Bowl, Seattle played Pittsburgh, who'd defeated Denver in the AFC Championship.

It's a nice bit of synergy, but it's got nothing on the famous "Back to the Future II" prediction of the Chicago Cubs defeating Miami in the 2015 World Series. Considering how godawful those two teams are in 2014, and the fact that they're still in the same league, that would be a prediction that would rattle your bones.

Fun fact: Did you know Homer Simpson actually owns the Denver Broncos? It's true. Way back in 1996,  Homer went to work for Bond villain Hank Scorpio. Homer confessed that he'd always wanted to own the Dallas Cowboys. Hank couldn't get him the Cowboys, but he got the next best thing: the Denver Broncos. Close enough:


Jay Busbee

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