Texans linemen announce elementary schools in intros, fine teammate who doesn’t

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

The Houston Texans made two important debuts in Saturday's AFC wild card game. It was, of course, the first playoff game in franchise history. But it was also the first time the team appeared on NBC's telecast of NFL games. That's a lesser historical footnote, to be sure, though one that comes with a perk that may be new to lifelong members of the team: NBC's unique video introductions that allow players to give their names and alma mater.

Most of the team chose a standard intro. Andre Johnson repped "The U" and rookie T.J. Yates announced he attended the University of North Carolina. Members of the team's starting offensive line took a different tack. They gave the names of their elementary schools.

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Duane Brown told folks he was from Johnson Elementary in Richmond, while Wade Smith attended Wallace Elementary in Dallas. Chris Myers said he went to Howard Drive Elementary and Eric Winston, Bonham Elementary. And then there was Mike Brisiel. When it was his turn to give a shout out to his elementary school, the right guard gave his college, Colorado State, instead.

Unless he was some sort of Doogie Howser-like genius and bypassed grammar school in order to attend the Fort Collins university, Brisiel spurned his teammates. Evidently, they did not appreciate this.

On the NBC broadcast, play-by-play announcer Tom Hammond said the rest of the line fined Briesel for the Colorado State mention. Presumably it was a tongue in cheek sanction.

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