Texans DE J.J. Watt wants to start the “20-20-20″ club

Brian McIntyre
Shutdown Corner

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is coming off one of the most impressive statistical seasons a defensive player has ever had in the NFL. Watt led the NFL in sacks with 20.5, had 39.5 tackles for loss and 16 passes defensed in earning the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award.

Entering his third season in the NFL, Watt tells Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com that he wants to start a new club.

"My goal is I want to create the 20-20-20 club: 20 sacks, 20 tackles for loss, 20 batted balls," Watt said. "I was close last year but didn't make it. Nobody has ever gotten close to that. It's like the football triple crown. That's what I am going for. Last year, I led in every category, but I didn't get the 20-20-20. That's my goal this year."

Watt is so disruptive, he's almost a lock for 20 tackles for a loss this season and his long arms, huge hands and impeccable timing make 20 batted balls a real possibility. However, with Watt likely to face double- and even triple-teams this season, the goal of 20 sacks will be difficult to achieve.

History is also working against Watt.

Watt is one of nine players to post 20 sacks in a single season. None of the previous eight players to post 20 or more sacks in a season, a list that includes four Hall of Famers, had a second 20-sack season during his career. The average number of sacks those eight players had in the season after a 20-sack season is 12.75 and only one player – the late Reggie White – had more than 14 sacks in the season after eclipsing the 20-sack mark. (White had 18 sacks in 1988 after posting 21 sacks in 12 games in the strike-shortened 1987 season)

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