Steve Johnson listens to Adele, ponders Buffalo departure

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

At the most special moments of our life, music and reality can converge in a perfect harmony. And so it was that while Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson was cleaning out his team locker for what could be the final time of his career, a special song came on that perfectly defined his feelings.

Johnson tweeted on Thursday: "iPod on Shuffle. Cleaning. Adele come on. I cant help but feel as if this is a sad story. #NotNowAdele but Could it Be?"

What does this picture and impending free agency, mixed with that Adele song, mean? Other than the fairly obvious indication that Steve Johnson needs to update his iPod, it could signify any number of things. A bad breakup is coming. Steve Johnson is about to become a beloved figure for middle-aged women everywhere. Next year he'll become vastly overrated based on a single play. The possibilities are endless.

Yet I choose to look for signs elsewhere, like on the photo that serves as Johnson's Twitter background. There's one clue in the picture (helpfully posted below) that gives a definitive answer about where Johnson will be playing next year:

It's not a hidden message in his tattoos or his Pant Saggin drawers and belt or the helmet he's holding. No, look at his left jeans pocket. There's a pair of hipster glasses tucked into them. He's not even wearing them! Johnson isn't trying to pass the glasses off as anything but an accessory. It's hipster brilliance. And, more importantly, it shows that he's definitely signing with a team in Portland or Williamsburg.

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