Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, wife didn’t pay dog-watching tab, lawsuit claims

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Todd Haley has no trouble making news for all the wrong reasons.

The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator, who might be fighting for his job with the team struggling on offense and sitting at 0-4, has been involved in several legal issues recently. This latest one could really end up biting him in the behind.

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Rule No. 1: Don't piss off the dog lovers. This will.

A man who watched Haley's four dogs has filed a lawsuit claiming that Haley and his wife, Christine, owes him $10,090. Nick Fiscante said he agreed with the Haleys to watch their dogs in the Kansas City area last year after Haley was hired by the Steelers.

Just earlier this week, the Haleys were accused by a home builder of backing out of a deal for a million-dollar house and then trashing the resident. The couple, through their attorney, has denied the allegations.

Fiscante said the Haleys made a single payment but owe him the remaining $10,090. A district justice ruled in Fiscante’s favor in an August hearing because the Haleys never showed. Christine Haley appealed the magistrate’s decision, claiming Fiscante “does not have a boarding license and runs an illegal and filthy facility” and that they never had a contract with him.

The Steelers have yet to comment on the matter. So far, Haley has not come as advertised. The team is struggling, his relationship with Ben Roethlisberger is constantly under the microscope and the former Kansas City Chiefs head coach got into some hot water last month for writing "Chiefs suck!" on a bar napkin.

The Chiefs and Steelers might have had enough of Haley's act. But once the dog lovers get onto this story, things could get far worse.

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