Report: Colts have already decided on Andrew Luck

It's not shocking news, except perhaps that it comes so early. ESPN's Chris Mortensen says that the Indianapolis Colts have already decided to draft Andrew Luck first overall in the 2012 NFL draft.

Tony Dungy noted on Saturday afternoon that Bill Polian, who was the Colts' general manager before being fired on Monday, had been studying a lot of film on Robert Griffin III, the Heisman-winning quarterback out of Baylor. With Polian gone, though, Dungy said that Irsay was likely to draft Luck.

The other option would be to trade the pick, with some reports out there that it could net the Colts three first-round draft picks and two second-rounders. Mort says that's not an option anymore, either.

The Colts have been down the "Which QB will they take?" road before. Back in 1998 when they drafted Peyton Manning, speculation continued right up until draft time on whether or not they'd take Manning or Ryan Leaf. The media scrutiny of today probably makes keeping a secret like that impossible, though. The days of the first overall draft pick being a surprise are over.

As for Andrew, he spent his day hanging out with his dad (West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck) watching the Mountaineers upset the Georgetown Hoyas.

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