Randy Moss, Joe Buck clear the air over 2005 ‘disgusting’ mooning incident

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For better or worse, it remains one of the NFL's most memorable moments of the 2000s: the 2005 NFC wild card playoff where the Vikings' Randy Moss scored a touchdown and "mooned" the Lambeau Field crowd, while up in the booth Fox Sports announcer Joe Buck tut-tutted the "disgusting act."

Nobody really came out looking good in the incident; Moss came off as classless, while Buck seemed hopelessly stuffy. (Moss, for his part, was just responding to the Green Bay fans who mooned the opposing team's buses.) As the years have passed, both men have found themselves connected to the moment and one another, even though they've never met.

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The upper echelons of the NFL are a small world, however, and with Randy Moss joining Fox as a commentator, it was inevitable that he and Buck would end up crossing paths. Sunday night during the Colts-Giants game, Buck brought the issue squirming into the light.

"We good? You did your thing on the field, I did my thing in the booth," Buck said, opening the discussion.

"I played the game, you analyzed it, you said what you said, I did what I did, and we moved on," Moss replied, not unkindly. "How about that?"

So there you go. Happiness achieved, spat settled. Once more, then, for old times' sake:

That was a disgusting act ... and a beautiful YouTube moment. Thanks, Randy and Joe, from all of us.

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