NFL rookies react to seeing their Madden ratings for the first time (video)

Kids say that darnedest things. Especially when they are upset.

So by now you know there's this little video game known as Madden, and as the game has become more sophisticated and popular over the years, it quite clearly has taken on a life of its own. To the point where grown men get upset about being slighted by the game's creators, engineers and researchers for giving them low attribute scores.

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Rookies especially can get a little miffed, as this video shows. Watch some of the top rookies' reactions as they are told their Madden NFL 15 ratings — which go up to 100 — for the first time.

"If my speed is in the 90s, I might cry," said Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill.


"It should be 100," Sammy Watkins says with a laugh.

Bills fans pray he plays like 100.

One of the funnier ones is from Johnny Manziel. It's less what he says, but how he says it, inflecting his voice at the end and making it sound like a less-confident question than a statement of belief.

"I would say it would be anywhere from an 88 to a 92?" Manziel half says, half asks.

Blake Bortles, who actually is EA Sports' highest-rated rookie quarterback this season (despite the fact that he might not even play if the Jacksonville Jaguars are to be believed), just wants to know what his punting score will be.

The reveal portion of the video is amusing. A few guys are knocked down a few pegs after seeing their scores, which are too low for their liking. The only guy who appears cool with his score is Jadeveon Clowney, but be honest — have you ever seen this guy mad at anything before?

Teddy Bridgewater believes the scoring system is flawed, and he should know.

"I play so much Madden, I can rate myself," Bridgewater says.

If every rookie did that there would be about 300 guys in the NFL with scores of 100.

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