Longtime Houston Chronicle writer John McClain has Texans picking Johnny Manziel

Mock drafts, especially a month before the draft, aren't going to be gospel. But this year, everyone is waiting on every mock draft John McClain puts out.

For those not plugged into the NFL media scene, McClain is a highly respected longtime NFL writer for the Houston Chronicle. Nobody, it seems, knows what the Texans are going to do with the first overall pick because they've done a tremendous job keeping their thoughts close to the vest. However, if anyone is going to get the inside word, it's likely McClain.

So you can decide how much weight to put into this bit of news, but McClain has the Texans taking Johnny Manziel first overall in his second mock draft.

McClain changed his pick from his first mock, when he had them taking Central Florida's Blake Bortles. Did Manziel's pro day force McClain's hand? Or did Manziel wow the Texans, and someone in the organization let McClain know that he might wanna move Johnny Football up to the top spot?

It will be fun to see how it plays out before the draft. Usually there's a pretty good idea who will be the top pick at some point before the draft, sometimes well before the teams head to New York City for the festivities. This year it seems there's a chance it might be a mystery until commissioner Roger Goodell reads the card.

The one thing McClain has been adamant about for a long time is that the Texans will take a quarterback with the first pick. Once again, it's probably fair to assume he's not flying totally blind when he says that. It also seems hard to believe the Texans wouldn't at least consider defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, but again, McClain is plugged in pretty well.

Manziel to the Texans would be an exceptionally interesting pairing. He'd go to a team only a year removed from the playoffs, with Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins at receiver, in his football-mad home state. Hopefully McClain knows the future, because it would be an entertaining landing spot for the draft's most interesting player.

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Frank Schwab

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