Lions CB Aaron Berry to angry Lions fans: ‘Go back to being broke and miserable’

Lots of Detroit folks  ‒ players and fans ‒ were disappointed after Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints used them as a doormat yesterday. Unfortunately, the disappointment of those fans clashed with the frustration of the players and some ugliness rose to the surface.

Lions cornerback Aaron Berry, a second-year player out of Pitt, ended up tweeting this to some angry fans:

"Y'all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…"

Berry deleted the tweet (as well as the subsequent apology), but as everyone on the Internet knows, you can't really untweet a tweet. It's out there forever.

On the surface, it sounds hideously inflammatory; like Berry is mocking the people of Detroit for their socioeconomic problems. I don't think that's the case, though. I think Berry was responding to a handful of particularly antagonistic fans, and while he may have gotten carried away with it, I don't think he meant to antagonize an entire city for being poor.

Even if you won't give him that benefit of the doubt, take into consideration that he just suffered what was probably the biggest disappointment of his career, and "fans" on Twitter were abusing him for it. A lot of them weren't the height of politeness, either.

Hopefully, Berry goes on to a long and successful career in Detroit and this is all forgotten. It might be a long offseason in the meantime, though.

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