LeSean McCoy has taunted tacklers with his own name

All right, this is fairly awesome: Over the weekend, word began spreading that Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has used a clever catchphrase as he's juked would-be tacklers: his own last name.

Andrew Taglianetti, a senior at Pittsburgh and a former college teammate of Shady's, noted that in practice, McCoy could be damn near unstoppable. "The best part of Shady shaking people in practice," Taglianetti said on Twitter, "was he would say 'McCoy' as he jukes you. Absolutely fascinating."

Perfect. Just perfect. This easily trumps the previous best in-game catch-phrase, Gilbert Arenas' "hibachi!" Still unknown is whether McCoy actually says his name in game-time situations, but considering he ranks among the top 5 in the NFL in both yards and carries, everybody's hearing his name an awful lot these days.

Robert Edwards of the Gloucester County Times, in an email to Deadspin, noted that McCoy sorta-kinda confirmed the story. At practice this week, a reporter called out, "'Hey Shady, is that McCoy-juke story true?" Edwards noted that "LeSean, in response, made a little hitch move and whispered McCoy, McCoyyy, a couple times before exiting with a smile."

That's pretty much perfect right there. Now all Shady has to is get the defenders to say his name while he's running over them.

This weekend, the Eagles take on intrastate rival Pittsburgh. Someone needs to check with the Steelers secondary after the game to see if they heard voices.