LeBron James strutting around in a Johnny Manziel Browns jersey

LeBron James is from Ohio but isn't a Browns fan. He was actually hoping the Cowboys, his favorite team (really, LeBron, how does that happen?) took Johnny Manziel.

But Manziel and James are good buds and have been for a while, so the NBA superstar was going to rep for his guy no matter what team he went to. It's just a coincidence that Manziel went to Cleveland, where James is now hated after he left the Cavs for the Heat.

LeBron was spotted wearing a Manziel No. 1 jersey on Friday, one day after the quarterback was selected in the first round of the draft, 22nd overall, by the Cleveland Browns.


If anything could steal the Browns' fans excitement over drafting Manziel (other than a suspension for Josh Gordon), it might be seeing James in a Browns jersey considering he isn't too popular in Cleveland anymore. The bad feelings about James leaving Cleveland still haven't passed. Manziel even took a question at his introductory press conference asking if he could convince James to come back to the Cavs.

"I don't think I can do that," Manziel said, smiling, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

It really would make a lot more sense if James wore the jersey because he was a friend of Manziel and also a fan of his hometown team. But that's not the case. Like many people watching on Thursday, he was hoping for Manziel to get drafted by Dallas.

The only problem now is James is going to have to turn in his No. 1 draft jersey for the No. 2 jersey Manziel will actually wear with the Browns. It's safe to say he'll have a strong hookup to get him that new Manziel jersey.

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