Say hello to ‘House,’ who’s too big for the NFL

According to Pro Football Reference, three men named John Taylor have played in the NFL. There was the great 49ers receiver, a journeyman linebacker in the '60s, and John "Tarzan" Taylor, a 178-pound guard with the Chicago Staleys in 1922.

Today, there's another John Taylor playing football, and he's nearly as big as all three of the other John Taylors combined. In fact, WHP-TV says he's the largest player of all time.

This John Taylor goes by "House" and he's a defensive tackle for the Central Penn Piranha of the Gridiron Developmental Football League.

House stands 6-foot-11, weighs 500 pounds and wears a 6XL jersey. For comparison's sake, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, tipped the scales at 382. The Fridge was smaller than House by a whole cheerleader -- 118 pounds.

Taylor is mostly used in short-yardage situations, where his size makes him a natural at occupying blockers. Ron Kerr, head coach of the Piranhas, explained House's duties to WHP-TV in Harrisburg, PA.

"If they can't see the linebackers, they don't where they coming from, the offensive linemen. He has to be double-teamed. He's too big not to be."

How does House explain it?

"Don't run my way. Pretty much, that's what I do."

In three games in 2012, House has three tackles. The Piranha are 8-0.

If you're wondering if you'll ever see House in the NFL, the answer is a disappointing "no." House told WHP-TV that an NFL team did scout him during his college days at Virginia Union, but the scout felt like House was too big and not athletic enough. At the age of 35, it's a very long shot that he'd get another look. House does plan to lose weight when he's done playing football.

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