Former Panther Jordan Gross looks like different person after weight loss

Frank Schwab

It's becoming fairly common to see NFL linemen lose a massive amount of weight in the few months after they retire and look entirely different than we're used to.

Just because it's common doesn't mean it's any less of a surprise.'s Peter King caught up with Jordan Gross, the former Carolina Panthers left tackle who retired this offseason. And he noted that Gross is about 235 pounds, down from about 305 at the end of last season. Gross actually looks like he's lost a lot more than 70 pounds.

 Here's a side-by-side comparison from the Twitter feed of Road to Radio City:

The crazy thing is, Gross told King he's not trying to lose weight. He's just eating right and lightly exercising.

And to listen to Gross talking about why he retired, we're reminded that with all the health concerns for current and former NFL players, men doing everything they can to stay at or above 300 pounds is one that doesn't get enough attention:

"My strength wasn’t what it was," Gross told, referring to what he felt a year before retirement. "I don’t believe there’s really any natural 300-pound person. It was getting difficult in all phases of my job to retain strength."

It's good to know that Gross seems to be feeling pretty good in retirement, even if he looks like a different person.

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