Former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen up to 320 pounds, still playing ball

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Jared Lorenzen hadn't really been in the public consciousness for a few years. On the occasion the name comes up, many fans immediately remember him as the large Giants backup quarterback with the goofy nicknames regarding his weight ("Hefty Lefty," "Pillsbury Throwboy") more than anything he did in the NFL.

Lorenzen resurfaced this week when Twitter started passing around pictures and videos of him playing for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League, and it wasn't because he's on the verge of a NFL comeback.

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Lorenzen looks enormous now, and of course he was already really big when he played at the University of Kentucky and in the NFL. The team lists him at 320 pounds but that doesn't seem accurate.

Here's what he looked like during a short stint with the Colts in 2008:

And more of him from River Monsters action:

It looks like Lorenzen still moves well for his size and he never has been bothered by attention to his weight, but he doesn't look too healthy. Hopefully he feels OK, and he apparently is still enjoying himself playing football. As it goes, he's probably as famous as any NFL quarterback who threw just eight passes in his career.

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