DeSean Jackson does Cousin Terio dance after touchdown, channeling young Internet sensation

Kevin Kaduk

Among the things we learned about the Philadelphia Eagles early in Monday night's game against the Washington Redskins: Speedy wide receiver DeSean Jackson is apparently a big fan of "Cousin Terio" and his dance moves.

Just watch Jackson doing his best impression of the 7-year-old Internet sensation after catching a 25-yard touchdown from Michael Vick in the first quarter and celebrating in the end zone. It put the Eagles up 10-7 and gave a different type of audience to Terio.

The youngster has achieved viral Internet fame for his "Ohh, Kill 'Em" dance (called that because of the narration by his cousin who films him dancing). Terio's dance moves, originally posted on Vine, have been compiled by Mashable and Complex among others. The YouTube video below is the definitive look at Terio's hilarious (wonderful? inspirational?) dance steps:

And Jackson? Well, he showed off plenty of moves early in Monday's game, becoming a popular target for Vick and showing the type of proficiency that led to back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in 2009 and 2010. If you pay attention to Jackson on Twitter and Instagram, you may have expected his Terio tribute was coming. He foreshadowed it last week:

Now that Jackson has set the bar for Eagles TD dances, it's pretty obvious what needs to happen next: Riley Cooper needs to twerk up against a goal post when he scores.

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