Brian Banks will have his story made into movie, directed by Lee Daniels

Eric Edholm
Brian Banks will have his story made into movie, directed by Lee Daniels

Brian Banks wasn't able to realize his NFL dreams on the field as a player, but things are looking very much up for him after a brutally tough stretch of his life has been put behind him.

Banks, you might remember, was the All-America high school football player who committed to USC in 2002 and appeared to have star potential before a classmate falsely accused him of rape. Although Banks claimed his innocence, he was convinced to take a plea bargain that left him in prison for more then five years.

By that point, his football career had been sabotaged, but the happy ending is that after 10 years of that false conviction marring his name, Banks' case was overturned with help from the California Innocence Project in 2012. Banks even played football in the UFL and signed with the Atlanta Falcons, making the first round of cuts and playing in all four preseason games a year ago.

Now Hollywood wants his story, according to Noted director Lee Daniels (of Lee Daniels' "The Butler" fame ... and seriously, wasn't that how you heard it introduced every time you heard it?) will be behind the camera for "The Brian Banks Story" and Amy Baer will produce. Daniels also knocked out a few other hit feature films with "Monster's Ball" and Precious."

“All I ever wanted was to prove my innocence,” Banks said. “Telling my story in the form of a feature film is beyond my wildest dreams. Having Lee Daniels come on board to direct the film is so exciting and such an honor.”

Banks also found out last week that he has a job in addition to his duties as a motivational speaker, activist and spokesperson for the California Innocence Project.

The NFL says Banks will assist the officiating department on game days and be a manager in the football operations department.

Good for him. After a brutal 10-year stretch, Banks is now both a free man and a man in demand.

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