Bad dad makes son cry after informing him of Steve Smith's release from the Panthers

Anwar S. Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Carolina Panthers fans are still in disbelief about the recent release of receiver Steve Smith after 13 seasons in the same uniform.

Fans of children’s emotions are going to be in disbelief about one really incentive father.

Gavin is a young boy who loves Smith. It is safe to say Smith was his favorite player. So when a parent must break bad news to their child, one dad decided the best way was to break out the camera phone and hit record (h/t Robert Littal).

As you can imagine, Gavin took the news pretty hard. Gavin’s dad kept pushing his buttons, which did not help the situation. Sophia, his sister, seemingly enjoyed the news. She is a huge fan of quarterback Cam Newton and linebacker Luke Kuechly. Of course, she is also a fan of her Hello Kitty water bottle.

Hopefully, somebody has told Gavin that Smith plays for the Baltimore Ravens, and he can still support his favorite player, assuming dad did not counter by saying the receiver will not be as good with his new team. And let’s hope when it is time to talk to Gavin about Santa Claus, his dad has perfected the art of presentation.

Gavin’s dad had a good laugh at his son’s expense, and this viral video will definitely work against the poor kid when it is time to find a prom date in the future. 

Hang in there, Gavin.

Remind your dad of this video when picking out his nursing home one day.

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