Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, arrested earlier this month, speaks as planned at rookie symposium

If there's one speaking engagement in which a recent arrest might be viewed as a positive, it's probably the NFL rookie symposium.

Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested earlier this month, accused of striking a woman at a Cincinnati bar. He said it was self defense, that he turned down a woman's request for a picture and she hit him with a beer bottle.

At least Jones, who also spoke at the symposium last year, had something new to tell the rookies this year.

While it might seem a little odd that an arrest like that for the oft-troubled Jones wouldn't cause the NFL to cancel his appearance at one of the league's events, it does make logical sense that the show would go on. Who is better than Jones to lecture to the league's new rookies about the off-field issues they may encounter?

"Absolutely, it's relevant," NFL senior vice president of player development Troy Vincent told NFL Network. "He's one of the latest stories in the news for off-the-field occurrences

"We support Adam. I, my staff, we believe in Adam. The last thing we want to do is turn our backs on Adam."

As for Jones, he didn't see much of a problem continuing with his speaking engagement either.

"I can't control what people say, or what people's opinion is," Jones said, according to "But who are you to judge or say how I've grown or what I've done. ... I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, being a great father and doing good in the community and keep my head straight and keep doing like I've been doing.

"I had the chance to run away ... I refuse to do that because the guys need to know really what is happening out there. Not what you want to hear, not the cut message. It needs to be really uncut so guys can know what guys are going through and what situations they need to stay away from."

The rookies on hand probably paid a little more attention when Jones was talking about the potential pitfalls they will face in the NFL, which is what the league wants when it invites Jones to speak to them. Hopefully Jones can be invited back to the symposium next year, but without any new material for his routine.

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